Management Team

Mr. Dipu Ghosh, MSEE, MBA, has extensive experience in developing successful medical products and in particular image processing software. He invented the algorithms for automating the quantitative liver spleen scan (QLSS) techniques so it can be used by any operator.


He has over 30 years of experience in the medical devices and high-tech inductries.  Since 2002, he has been running Syprosoft Engineering - a company he founded to provide research and development services. 


He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of HEPATIQ LLC.

Dr. John Hoefs, MD, is a recognized authority on liver disease assessment and management. He understands clinical liver disease and developed the QLSS methods to measure hepatic function, fibrosis, hepatic and spleen volume and cirrhosis.

He has been involved in multiple studies documenting the clinical value of the QLSS techniques in patients with CLD. He has collected data and experience on over 20,000 patients with chronic liver disease. He has published extensively. 

He serves as the Chief Operating Officer of HEPATIQ LLC.